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Oof #11

161 x 239 mm, 74 pages
London, UK
Editor & founder: Eddy Frankel
Associate editor & co-founder: Justin Hammond
Design: Tim Clark

‘That’s football. That’s life.’

The wonderfully-named, small-format Art & Football magazine—a crossover with a longer history than may at first seem the case. This is their 11th issue ('a whole team's worth of issues!') which is made up of two different cover images (one of 'Gazza', aka Paul Gascoigne, the other of Vinnie Jones) which, if you place them side-by-side, very satisfyingly line up to make up the complete version of the iconic image. A very nice touch and perfectly suited to The Art & Football magazine.

Inside this issue: 'JJ Guest tackling homophobia, Hank Willis Thomas tackling the history of imperialism, Discofoot tackling macho bullshit, Masahide Tomikoshi tackling... drizzle in West Yorkshire.' And plenty more.

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