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Playbot #1

210 x 280 mm, 36 pages
London, UK
First published 2022
Managing editor: Min Kim
Contributing writer: Inferkit
Photographer(s): bigGan, styleGan

'Entertainment for Machine'

'Do machines have sexual desires? Do machines seek for any sort of pornography? What content do they find entertaining?' These are the questions that open experimental publication Playbot. Overseen by its sole human staff member, Min Kim, the rest of Playbot was 'created' by artificial intelligence in the form of text and image generators. Yep, the robots are coming...

A conceptual investigation into what a porn/entertainment magazine might look like for, say, Siri or Alexa, Playbot is at once hilarious (see 'Interview AVA' on pp. 25-27) and incredibly creepy; largely thanks to its AI-generated 'pornographic' imagery. Electric dreams abound.

On the Journal:
A mag in five pix: 'We’re seeing more and more experiments with AI image creation in magazines. The latest Civilization used text generated from previous issues, for instance. But Playbot is the first mag we’ve seen entirely created using AI...' READ MORE

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