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Stories for Sad Boys #3

165 x 240 mm
Amsterdam, Netherlands
First published 2022
Created by: Gino Gurrieri

Inspired by the 'the pain of youth and the confusion of manhood', Stories for Sad Boys does just about what it says on the tin.

In place of straight-up fiction however, you'll find several poems and a series of black and white photographs of (spoiler alert) beautiful young men looking sad interspersed — this time — with images of cityscapes, Twinkies, buildings, Pokémon tattoos and a plethora of sad boy ephemera. There's also been a change of format for this latest edition, it's almost pocket-sized. Portable sad boys!

If you enjoy melancholic poetry, monochrome photography and themes not limited to car parks, Malbec and cigarettes, Stories for Sad Boys will be right up your rue.

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