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The Bittersweet Review #1

170 mm x 210 mm, 196 pages
London, UK
First published 2022
Founding editors: Kole Fulmine, Benoît Loiseau
Associate editor: Louis Shankar
Designer: John Philip Sage

'A Literary Magazine for Queers and their Friends'

Born from a desire to create community during difficult times (read: 2020 et al), the first issue of The Bittersweet Review is finally here and wonderfully queer. 'Fleeting, uncertain, imperfect', as its editors write in their opening letter—but perfectly so.

Created as a physical, printed space for the advancement of queer literature and visual culture, this first issue is themed 'Let's Get Physical' and 'asks what it means to be physical beings today.' With essays, poetry, interviews, and original artwork (and beautiful design throughout) The Bittersweet Review is a welcome addition to our shelves.

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