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The Light Observer #4

200 x 270 mm, 132 pages
Milan, Italy
First published in 2020
Editor and art director: Hugo Berger

The Prospective Issue

The Light Observer is a biannual magazine that explores light in all its forms through in-depth articles and interviews; mixing upcoming and well-known artists, photographers, architects, scientists & designers.

“We can derive from light so much emotion, so much understanding and knowledge that the real importance of light is worthy to think about a lot”
— Francis Ford Coppola

On the Journal: 
‘Milanese magazine The Light Observer does precisely what it says on the tin: it ‘investigates our relationship with light’. The biannual publication began its relatively recent life in print by freely exploring the ethereal subject—both scientifically and poetically (largely the latter). Now sitting comfortably at their third issue, editor Hugo Berger and his team have gently shifted their trajectory to observe light ‘through a specific lens’, as Berger writes in the opening pages of issue three…’ 

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