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Are you missing the random discoveries that in-shop magazine browsing brings?

Launched last week, our Discovery Discount aims to help you add a little of that serendipity to your online shopping. While we’re selling plenty of the big favourites online – Fantastic Man and The Plant for instance – the lesser known magazines get overlooked. But if you’re hungry to try something else and support newer magazines, we can make you the following offer:

Save 15% on the established magazine you already love, by adding a second, lesser-known one to your order.

How it works
Buy one magazine from each of the two lists below, and save 15% on the magazine in list A. Your discount will automatically be added at checkout.

List A
Aperture #238
Courier #34
It’s Freezing in LA! #5
Luncheon #9
MacGuffin #9
Monocle #133
Port #26
The Plant #15
Real Review #9
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List B
Akar #2
Akin #3
Between Borders #1
Deem #1
Dek #1
Desired Landscapes #3
Tortoise Quarterly #3
The Fence #3
Suzine #2
502 Bad Gateway #2
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This discount continues until 11:59pm on 31 May. It cannot be used alongside other discounts.

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