magCulture Live
magCulture Live
is our day of talks celebrating the culture of magazines. It features an international selection of speakers from big magazines and small magazines sharing their work and inspiring our audience.

Previously known as ModMag, magCulture Live takes place annually in London and New York.

magCulture Live, London 2020
Our 2020 edition took place online on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 November.
Videos of the two days are available on Vimeo: Day one and Day two.

magCulture Live, New York 2020
Our NY conference and associated events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, we held our first online edition – you can watch the video, find out more here.
Read about the 2019 conference

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Previous speakers at our conferences:

2020, How magazines have responded to Covid-19, online conference
Jaap Biemans, founder, (Netherlands)
Max Siedentopf, creative director, Ordinary (Netherlands)
Martha Dillon, editor, It’s Freezing in LA!
Pann Lim, creative director, Rubbish Famzine (Singapore)
Gail Bichler, design director, The New York Times Magazine, (US)

2019, London
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, Head of editorial, gal-dem
Martha Dillon, Editor, It’s Freezing in LA!
James Hewes, President and CEO, FIPP
Gert Jonkers, Editor-in-chief, Fantastic Man
Alex Morrison, Co-editor, Contra
Felicia Pennant, Editor-in-chief, Season Zine
Serge Ricco , Creative director, L’Obs (France)
Ariane Spanier , Art director and designer, FUKT magazine (Germany)
Jody Quon, Photography director, New York (US)
Matt Willey, Art director, The New York Times Magazine, co-founder of Port (US)

2019, New York
Douglas McGray, California Sunday & Pop-Up Magazine
Veronica Ditting, The Gentlewoman
Nathalie Kirsheh, Glamour
Uncovered: Ian Birch, Perrin Drumm & Jeremy Leslie talk covers
Indie mag session: Lindsay, Put A Egg On It & Good Trouble
Jody Quon, New York magazine
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, gal-dem
Nicholas Blechman, The New Yorker

2018, London
Carol Montpart, The Plant
Jeff Taylor, Courier
Perrin Drumm, Eye on Design, US
Ian Birch, Olivia Ahmad, Uncovered
Dan Sandison, Mundial
Jana Al Obeidyine, A dance mag, Lebanon
Elisabeth Krohn, Sabat
Reagan Clare, Homesick
Rod Stanley, Good Trouble, US
Maxine Leonard, Beauty Papers
Thomas Meredith, Elle
Deidre Dyer, No Man’s Land, US
Max Siedentopf, Ordinary
Emmet Smith, National Geographic, US

2018, New York
Omar Sosa, Apartamento, Spain
Michele Outland, Gather/ Bon Appetit
Perrin Drumm, Eye on Design
Alexander Tochilovsky, The Lubalin Center
Kirsten Algera, MacGuffin, Netherlands
US Indies: Anxy, Mold, Racquet, Victory Journal
Emily Oberman, No Man’s Land
Isabel Seiffert & Justinien Tribillon, Migrant Journal, UK
Richard Turley, Civilization
Gail Bichler, New York Times Magazine

Isabel Seiffert & Justinien Tribillon, Migrant Journal
Lydia Garnett, Accent
Tony Brook, Unit Editions
Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Vestoj, France
Owen Pritchard, It’s Nice That
Takahiro Kinoshita, Popeye, Japan
Liv Siddall, Rough Trade magazine
Mirko Borsche, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Germany
Panel discussion: Eye, Paul Gorman, Mushpit, Riposte & Shortlist
Francesco Franchi, La Repubblica, Italy
James Hyman, The Hyman Archive
Nicholas Blechman, The New Yorker

Kirsten Algera, MacGuffin, Netherlands
Christoph Amend, ZEITmagazin, Germany
Terri White, Empire
The Ladybeard team
Rebecca Nicholson, Vice
Jack Self, Real Review
Paul Gorman, ‘The Story of The Face’
Kai von Rabenau, mono.kultur, Germany
Tony Rushton, Private Eye
Penny Martin, The Gentlewoman
Seb Emina, The Happy Reader
Gail Bichler, New York Times Magazine, US

David Lane, The Gourmand
Andrew Tuck, Monocle
Grashina Gabelmann, Flaneur, Germany
Sophie Lovell, Uncube, Germany
Louis-Jacques Darveau, The Alpine Review, Canada
James Fairbank, Mondial
Bertie Brandes and Charlotte Roberts, Mushpit
Matt Phare, Shortlist
Charlotte Heal, Kinfolk
Ibrahim Nehme, The Outpost, Lebanon
Kati Krause
Scott Dadich, Wired, US

Kai Brach, Offscreen, Germany
Veronica Ditting, The Gentlewoman
Peter Houston, Magazine Diaries
Jeremy Langmead, Christies
Simon Lyle, Hot Rum Cow
Danny Miller, Little White Lies
David Moretti, Wired Italia, Italy
Adam Moss, New York magazine, US
Rob Orchard, Delayed Gratification
Danielle Pender, Riposte
Elana Schlenker, Gratuitous Type, US
Pekka Toivonen, FAT, Finland

Tyler Brûlé, Monocle
Omar Sosa, Apartamento, Spain
Richard Turley, Bloomberg Businessweek
Patrick Waterhouse, Colors, Italy
Rosa Park, Cereal
Justine Picardie, Harper’s Bazaar
Simon Esterson, Eye
Davey Spens, Boat
Cathy Olmedillas, Anorak
Kati Krause
Scott King
Steve Watson, Stack
David Jacobs, 29th Street
Paul Barnes, Commercial Type
Panel: women’s magazines