Audio: magCulture Podcast #10, May 2019

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Our May magCulture Podcast is here!

The episode opens in London at the MagCulture Shop; Jeremy and Liv take a look at a selection of recent arrivals including Violet Book, Apartamento, RAID and Subway.

Plus photographer Jenny van Sommers tells us about working with mice for the cover of the new issue of The Gourmand.

We then switch to our MagMagMag pop-up shop in New York. To open this collaboration with our friends at Vitsoe, we welcomed a series of guests to discuss their magazines.

Here, Jeremy meets Adam Moss (above right), generally regarded as one of the best magazine editors of our time. Moss reflects on his fifteen years as Editor-in-chief of New York magazine, a post he recently left. Over that period he successfully reinvented the print magazine and launched five digital channels alongside it. His views on the role of the editor make compelling listening.

The Back Issue this episode is New York’s spin-off title Look; a large-format glossy biannual that applied its parent magazine’s unique visual aesthetic to fashion publishing. It lasted five issues but remains an important and influential moment in magazine publishing.

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Production and editing by Lucy Dearlove.

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