Audio: magCulture Podcast episode 5

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For our final Podcast of 2018, Jeremy Leslie and Liv Siddall look back at the year in magazines.

As well as their personal magazine highlights, we hear from ten guests about their favourite magazine moments of the year: Steven Gregor (Gym Class), Steve Watson (Stack), Kirsten Algera (MacGuffin), Ian Birch (‘Uncovered’), Perrin Drumm (Eye on Design), Fernando Pacheco (Monocle24 The Stack), Indi Davies (Lecture in Progress), Robert Newman (Newmanology), Rod Stanley (Good Trouble) and Richard Turley (Interview, Civilization, Good Trouble).

There’s also a look forward to new issues of The Happy Reader and Somesuch Stories as well as new business mag Hacking Finance. Our back issue this time is Manzine.

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