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Here’s the April 2019 magCulture Podcast!

Recorded at the magCulture Shop — listen for the squeeky door! — Jeremy Leslie and Liv Siddall discuss how magazines parody the format, with a look at the recent ninth issue of Buffalo Zine and its ten parody cover designs. We look back at Joseph Ernst’s wonderful Naked Woman Covered in Glitter, and Words and hear from Claire Milbraith about Editorial Magazine’s new mascot (itself a form of parody).

Here’s the surf mag (above) alongside Good Trouble Jeremy and Liv refer to as they discuss the line between parody and copying. And below, the launch cover of Zembla starring Tilda Swinton.

There’s also a look at a bunch of recent arrivals including The South London Review of Hand Dryers, Failed States and Gusher,  plus Vince Aletti’s fabulous book of fashion magazine photography ‘Issues’.

The Back Issue is literary magazine Zembla, the first time Dan Crowe and Matt Willey collaborated. They’ve since launched Port, and Matt’s moved to The NYTimes Magazine. Dan looks back for us at Zembla and shares the lessons he drew from it.

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