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Give the gift of self-expression this Christmas with the new Newspaper Club gift voucher.

Self-confessed grumpy old man Mike Dempsey has a go at celebrity culture, with magazines at the centre of his rant. Can’t disagree with his analysis of our era’s obsession with celebrity, but the idea that the celeb mags are an aberration amongst a sea of beauty is absurd. In every area of design (think packaging for instance), at every time, there has been the good and the bad. In most sectors it’ll turn out to be a disappointing ratio in favour of the bad (thanks Luke).

Anyhow, here’s some of the good: NoLayout is a new resource for independent publishers to present their magazines digitally.

A look at the infographics from early twentieth century editions of Fortune magazine, originally published in Print.

I’ve pointed out before how SPD’s ‘Magazine of the Year’ suffers from the same entries being put forward and winning every year. Now’s your chance to enter and change this. That particular category is free to enter for anyone who has also entered one of the other catogeries. And the cost of those isn’t so much anyway. Details here.

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