Overmatter 10.03.11

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After a spate of indie food titles, it looks like football is the next audience to be treated to new voices. First The Green Soccer Journal, next The Blizzard.

Following the references to Monocle in response to the recent NYTimes posts here, I thought it interesting to dust down this detailed look at the magazine’s print and digital design from insider Dan Hill…

…while Andrew gives a blow by blow editorial review of the new NYTimes magazine.

Ebony redesign revealed by SPD.

Congratulations to the Wallpaper* team for winning a Design Week award for their Handmade issue.

Khoi highlights the differences between print and digital production timelines, notes what every designer knows and publishers tend to overlook: digital takes longer and is less nimble than print. UPDATE –I’m happy to clarify that Khoi believes the opposite is usually true. In his post he is referring to one particular instance.

A new children’s magazine in France: hello, Bonbek.

The other side of magazine-y: men’s mag; model on cover; scratch n stiff knickers. Urgh.

The other side of of trend prediction: photographer David Campbell reveals the stock photography created to feed stories of cultural/class anxiety.

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