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Genius: sticky labels to warn people about lazy PR-driven journalism. Which magazine/newspaper would you use them on?

I’m generally bored by designer monographs, but for this I’ll make an exception. Coming next year, it’s Mike Meiré – the book.

Following last year’s rather cold sex issue overseen by Peter Saville, Wallpaper* tries again with its September issue, and succeeds. In the issue: air hostesses’ uniforms, leather, Taschen, the search for the perfectly designed penis (seriously). They’ve even made an erotic movie in collaboration with RSA films. Plus a look at the new breed of independent fashion magazines such as Hero and Industrie.

Private Fraser: ‘Publishing companies always claim to be in the content business, but if the truth be told, a lot of them aren’t very good at it’. Sadly true. More here.

Meanwhile check out the lateset UK sales figures via Press Gazette. Mixed messages: quality up, mens market battered.

Where the iPad leads, others follow. Coming soon to stores near you, 32 competitor tablet devices. Not nearly enough.

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