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It’s a busy time at magCulture at the moment and the magazines have been piling up. Here’s a quick selection from last weeks post, starting with the latest issue from It’s Nice That. No7 takes a new turn, with a redesign (by Ray O’Meara) and reduced cover price due to the introduction of (limited) advertising. There are several pieces about the joys of print, including interviews with i-D founder/editor Terry Jones and Nieves founder Banjamin Sommerhalder, plus a look at several other publishers including NoBrow and Landfill.

I already gave a nod to the new 032c, but here it is for real. With more pages than ever, the issue is graphically calmer which will please some but disappoints me. Centre stage is a lengthy shoot by Juergen teller of Russian model Irina Kulikova; also present, an overview of the Supreme clothing brand and a look at the Chermayeff design dynasty.

Also from Berlin, Eine Magazine uber Orte (A Magazine About Places) turns its themed gaze on its home city. The work by over 70 creatives reflects a gritty Berlin rather than the easily glamourised tourist version.

Oh Comely reaches its eighth issue and continues to follow its own characterful route through modern life. Ever hankered after a history of biscuits? Read it here.

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