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032c #40

200 x 270 mm, 326 pages plus special edition booklet Ye x Tino Sehgal
Berlin, Germany
Published since 2001
Editor-in-chief & Creative director: Joerg Koch
Art Director: Mike Meiré

Winter 2021/22

032c #40's cover dossier, The Road to Burberry, explores how creative director Riccardo Tisco came to the 165-year-old British label Burberry.

Plus! A special edition booklet featuring a conversation between artists Ye (that guy that used to be known as Kanye West) and Tino Sehgal. 

On the Journal:
‘Despite its avowed German-ness, it was one of a small group of early indies—see also Self Service and Fantastic Man—that published in English, helping establish the international indie mag market we know today. It fully deserves this birthday celebration.’ READ MORE

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