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032c #42

200 x 270 mm, 300 pages
Berlin, Germany
Published since 2001
Editor-in-chief & Creative director: Joerg Koch
Art Director: Mike Meiré 
Designer: Tim Giesen 

'Freedom, Research & Creativity'

The Winter 2022/23 of 032c has landed. A publication rooted in fashion and media and intended to inform, provoke, and activate the imagination, the 032c universe continues to expand.

This edition begins with a grainy photograph of editor Joerg Koch's 80-year-old mother-in-law's new (and first) tattoo. Three geometric shapes and a 'crawling punky' spider. The spider, Koch explains, is a reference to the work of philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and his thoughts on existentialism, particularly 'the vertigo of the modern experience.'

Anna's tattoo has informed much of Koch's thinking in recent months and, as such, informs this issue too. An issue celebrating 'the spider-like heroes harnessing that possibility and embracing the [spidery] plunge.'

On the Journal:
‘Despite its avowed German-ness, it was one of a small group of early indies—see also Self Service and Fantastic Man—that published in English, helping establish the international indie mag market we know today. It fully deserves this birthday celebration.’ READ MORE

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