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08-12 #1

180 x 230mm, 160 pages
London, UK
First published in 2023
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Kara Zwaanstra

Branding itself as a niche publication offering 'in-depth research of the random and the cool', each issue of 08-12 sets out to explore a seemingly random topic. And from first impressions, it certainly does just that!

Another collection of aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic packaging for the magCulture shelves, this first issue is a deep dive into dagashi—varieties of cheap Japanese sweets and snacks—in all their colours, shapes, sizes and characters. The result of editor Kara Zwaanstra's trip to Japan's 'Penny Candy Alley' (and childhood in Tokyo), each photographed or scanned snack is classified by name, price, manufacturer and in some cases accompanied by a short history. If only we could taste them!

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