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2021 Magazine

202 x 250mm, 190 pages, plus transparent dust jacket
Madrid, Spain
Published since 2020
Editor: Hamien & Dirst
Art director: Adela Rodríguez

2020 magazine is an annual guide to each year of the 2020’s; this is 2021.

Every year, the magazine will be presented in a completely different way, adapting each publication to the moment we’re living and covering a whole decade, from 2020 to 2029.

For 2021, the issue comes as a string of single-page images by 12 creatives, each imagining a month of the year while avoiding any text-based distractions. 

From the Journal:
‘We see plenty of visually-orientated magazines here at magCulture—fashion, photography and art titles all lead with image. Yet however strong those images, most add text and thus design. This new magazine deliberately challenges that assumption, presenting a run of 174 full bleed, single page images.’ Read more

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