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Heartbreak #1

 220 x 305mm, 80 pages (hardcover)
London, UK
First published 2023
Editor & art director: KC Faulkner

A new title spotlighting queer youth and creatives, Heartbreak—also known as </3 <3—shares 'unsung stories of grief and joy' and 'day-to-day pinings that are swept under the rug', a welcome break from the sensationalism of mainstream media's representation.

Created by KC Faulkner, this first issue features a pair of individually spray painted hearts (broken and whole) on its hardcovers. Inside, you'll find interviews, photography and more, on transitioning to adulthood, the potentials of VR escapism, and queer comforts and anxieties from youth around the world, all presented with a certain frankness and honesty. 

Additionally, KC is donating 25% of all sales towards trans-led charity, Gendered Intelligence.

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