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ACV #2

165 x 230 mm, 206 pages
London, UK
First published 2021/22
Founder: Connor Rankin
Art direction: Anya Landolt
Designer: Niamh Thompson

'A print publication that believes in community care'

New last summer, this is the second issue of ACV (Asset of Community Value), a neat little publication documenting the many different community groups, spaces and grassroots organisations in and around London. With the aim of 'fostering inclusion, activism, and raising [collaborative] consciousness', ACV includes interviews, profiles, photography and art, all the while striving to elevate the voices of those who may not otherwise be heard. This second instalment is themed 'Tradition'.

As they helpfully explain on their website: 'ACV stands for Asset of Community Value. This term references the legislation wherein a building or piece of land is nominated for protection and preservation from development — instead being repurposed to benefit the social wellbeing and interests of a local community.'

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