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Adbusters #171

280 x 330 mm, 104 pages
Vancouver, Canada (English-language)
Editor and publisher: Kalle Lasn

The original culture-jamming magazine, published since 1989 and as essential as ever for its campaign against the excesses of global capitalism.

Another typically bold cover from the Adbusters team, dotted with numerous faces of note—Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Angela Davis, Gandhi, Malala, Yasser Arafat and more—while posing the question: ‘Terrorist or freedom fighter?’

Inside this, ‘the most timely and timeless issue Adbusters has ever produced’: a frank and critical look at the ongoing occupation and destruction of Palestine, contextualised through its historical origins, parallels to other global liberation movements, and the failures of Western media. Disruptive and unapologetic, as expected.

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