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Air Afrique #1

270 x 270 mm, 146 pages
Paris, France (English and French language)
First published 2023
Editor-in-chief: Amandine Nana
Creative directors: Lamine Diaoune and Djiby Kébé
Design director: Axel Pelletanche

Named after the prominent pan-African airline started in the 1960s, Air Afrique is an exciting new arts and culture title ‘dedicated to contemporary Afro-diasporic arts, knowledge and conversations’. Square in format with an understated modernist design akin to the likes of Fantastic Man, the magazine takes its cues from in-flight magazines of old, positioning itself as the heir to (the now defunct) Air Afrique's own Balafon magazine, of which there’s plenty of rich archival material interspersed within. 

Alongside the beautiful visuals, you’ll hear from artists, thinkers and creatives on the airline’s lasting influence, plus plenty on how the notion of heritage plays an intrinsic role in the creative expression and aspirations of Africa and its diasporas.

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