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Alla Carta #20

225 x 310 mm, 314 pages
Milan, Italy (English language)
Editor-in-chief: Yara De Nicola
Art direction: Tommaso Garner / Daniel Sansavini

'Liberi Tutti!'

Milanese staple Alla Carta celebrates ten years this summer, taking inspiration from the classic children's game, Forty Forty:

'The new issue of Alla Carta is inspired by this game, focusing both on the serious aspects—it’s key role in human development—and its spontaneity, unpredictability, and contradictions. We have chased each other, tagged each other, and consoled each other. We have examined, explored and toyed with our sexuality. We even stopped to consider the value of the game of war. At a time when not even the most fervid imagination could have come up with such an uncertain and frightening reality, we must take refuge in that cry for freedom.'

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