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American Chordata #11

140 x 216 mm, 166 pages
Brooklyn, US
Editors: Hannah Hirsh and Natasha Rao
Founding editor: Ben Yarling

This bright biannual literary magazine became an immediate favourite here at magCulture. Its small-format pages are perfectly suited to long-form reading, with fiction, non-fiction and poetry punctuated by brief bursts of art and photography.

On the cover: Resurfacing, Circa No Future (2017) by Nadia Huggins.

On the Journal (about a previous issue):
‘This week’s Magazine of the Week [falls into the] category of languorous holiday reading, a literary magazine of new writing from New York that promotes fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well as art, illustration and photography.’ Find out what's inside a previous Magazine of the week review.

Also, read our At work with interview with launch editor Ben Yarling: ‘If I put my bragging goggles on, I think we bring a zine-world courage and ethos to a luxury-level product, privilege brave, earnest voices and diversity of experience, prioritize respect and admiration for the work we publish, and try to create gut resonances between outstanding works of art and outstanding works of writing through very careful pairing. Plus we try to design it fancy.’ READ MORE
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