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Apartamento #26

170 x 240mm, 378 pages. Barcelona, Spain (English-language)

Autumn/Winter 2020-21

The ‘everyday life interiors magazine’ has established itself as one of the leading lights of the new generation of independent magazines. It is hugely influential as much for its confident approach to covering contemporary interiors as for its bookish layout.

In this issue we meet: Martine Rose, Carlo Rovelli, Anne Holtrop, James Wines, Kali Malone, Bernadette Després, Charles Perry, Manuel Núñez Yanowsky, Park Seo-Bo, Ottessa Moshfegh, Andrea Branzi, Olivier Mosset, Tunde Wey, and Thomas Demand.

Editor-in-chief: Marco Velardi 
Art Director: Omar Sosa

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