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Art Licks #28

205 x 275mm, 78 pages
London & North York Moors, UK
First published 2020
Published triannually 
Editor: Holly Willats
Guest co-editor: Jess Bunyan
Design: Margherita Huntly

A not-for-profit which helps fledgling artists, encourages artistic activities across the UK, and produces this magazine three times a year.

This is the third and final issue in the three-edition Trilogy project (spanning issues #26-28), each based out of different cities across the country. We've had Newcastle upon Tyne, Bristol and now, drum roll's Birmingham!  

What's your idea of a city? To round off this three-part conversation on creative practices and communities, Brummie artists and practitioners reflect on what a city is, what it could be, and how it's activated.

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