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ArtReview, Vol. 76, #4

235 x 300 mm, 106 pages 
London, UK
Published nine times a year 
Editor-in-chief: Mark Rappolt
Designers: Pedro Cid Proença and Michael Wallace

Founded in, or 'away from the flock' since, 1949, the almost-monthly ArtReview focuses on expanding contemporary art's audience and reach. Within its pages, art is observed, featured and reviewed.

The May 2024 issue asks the question: what does it actually mean to be artistic? and seeks this answer through spotlighting artists who centre their practice around research. On the cover is, Melbourne-based artist, Nicholas Mangan who uses sculpture and film to microscope on Australia and its role in the ecological threat of the Great Barrier Reef. Through his travels to the Heron Island, Mangan's work looks at the overlooked relationship between 'human and coral futures'.

This edition also features art collective MSCHF, Liu Chuang, Vangelis Vlahos, Judith Butler and Alexandra Pirici.

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