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Baroness #3 (Yushi Li)

210 x 265 mm, 128 pages (hardcover)
London, UK
First published 2022
Photography by: Yushi Li
Editor: Matthew Holroyd
Designer: Silvia Boni

For the third edition of the photobook-esque Baroness, London-based artist Yushi Li brings together three of her wider interests: photography, gender and the Internet to explore themes of 'image-first dating' and 'gender, desire and looking'. This results in an initial series named 'My Tinder Boys', presenting a collection of 'soft-fleshed and flaccid' young men, each of which the artist met through the Tinder app.

As well as the more tender 'My Tinder Boys', there's the Airbnb-set 'Your reservation is confirmed' and later, 'Paintings, Dream and Love'. Each of which encourages the viewer to 'see things in new ways', as Anouchka Grose writes in the opening pages.

And the story of that cover photograph? 'In a heteropatriarchy, where men are represented in the media as big and strong, here the penis is small, flaccid and trapped, presenting a playful, slightly violent, but gentle and almost comical gaze.'

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