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British Journal of Photography #7915

232 x 297 mm, 196 pages
London, UK
Since 1854
Editorial director: Diane Smyth
Deputy editor: Ravi Ghosh 
Creative director: Mick Moore
Chief designer: Nicky Browne

With a founding date of 1854, BJP is the world’s oldest and longest running photography magazine. But age has not caused it to stagnate—as they say, it's ‘not your usual game of picture karaoke.’

BJP enters a new era with the latest issue. Diane Smyth took over as editor, with Ravi Ghosh as deputy editor, and the journal has become a quarterly. By publishing less frequently, BJP can quit the urgency and take time to reflect on how exhibitions were done, engage with new books in their physical mode, and, as for this issue, take up more space.

This issue focuses on Spatial Awareness, and they mean space in all its many forms: country, studio, identity, installation, and more. Argentinian photographer Sebastián Bruno is on the cover with shots from his adoptive home in Wales, and Tarrah Krajnak takes on history and place through photography installation.

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