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Broccoli: Forgotten Flowers #1

180 x 185 mm,  84 pages
Creative director: Anja Charbonneau
Editor: Stephanie Madewell
Designer: Alice May Du

Another spin-off publication from the weed-loving women over at Broccoli magazine (the last was the incredibly popular Mushroom People). This time around, the team are back with a sweet little hardback called Forgotten Flowers: A Collection of Found Floral Photography (to give her her full dues).

Perfect for a springtime gift, inside you'll discover 'an evocative collection of found vintage photographs of blooming moments' curated by Broccoli creative director Anja Charbonneau.

'Gathered together, these floral fragments from the 1950s to the 1990s offer a collective memory, a blurry narrative formed from the lives of many. The recurring presence of flowers blends and merges the stories into a new shape, like a bouquet of wildflowers and weeds plucked from the edges of a sidewalk.'

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