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Brownbook #69

190 x 240 mm, 240 pages plus translated section
Dubai, UAE
Editors: Rashid Bin Shahib and Ahmed Bib Shahib
Design: Rashid Bin Shahib, Abdullah Al Kenani and Mohammed Alruways

After a break of several years, Brownbook returns with a new direction. This new edition examines the Middle East diaspora in Tokyo. ‘The relationship between the East and the West has been discussed extensively; we wanted to share stories that reflect relations between the East and Middle East. What does the image of the region look like in Japan?’

Aside from that change, those familiar with the earlier iteration of the magazine will recognise its interest in architecture, fashion, culture and art. And while it is visually familiar too, the whole thing has been given a design polish courtesy of indie specialist Alex Hunting (Kinfolk, Kindling, Courier et al).


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