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Burn Book #1

150 x 230 mm, 61 pages (plus fold-out calendar, sticker, and box of matches)
London, UK
Publishers and creative direction: MØRNING
Editor: Jodie Marie Smith
Design: Cherish Chang
Production Lead: Roanne Toosy
Contributors: Alex O’Brien, Ione Gamble, Roo Williams and the MØRNING Team

Introducing Burn Book, the first zine by London-based creative studio, MØRNING. Together with a community of creatives including Ione Gamble, Alex O’Brien, Jodie Marie Smith and Cherish Chang, the agency's first zine interrogates the reality that actual, useful creative progress requires us to redesign new systems, leverage our fallibility and 'be less shit'.

In this first issue find two sides of the same coin: dreams and doom. In the first half, it's ‘Doomscape’ – chew on disgust and absurdism, reflect on the past year’s growing sense of ‘fuuuuccckkkkkk’, from authorship to peak. Then, in the back half of the zine, it's ‘Dreamscape’ – a path of hope, from rethinking AI to defining the new Creative Class saving us all. The zine will wave you off with new perspectives that should soothe the dread and inspire you to feel and create.

Profits from this zine will be donated back into the community through the MØRNING People Fund, an initiative integral to the agency’s ‘Be Less Shit’ mission. The grant helps to fuel creative projects that ordinarily sit on the fringes and support the creatives who are brave enough to make work that pushes culture forward.

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