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Carnale #5

225 x 300mm, 432 pages (hardback)
Milan, Italy
Since 2021
Creative directors: Augusto Arduini and Simone Cossettini
Editor-in-chief: Antonio Mancinelli
Creative editor: Santiago Morayta

‘A dirty journal seen through the lens of fashion, photography, art, illustration and writing

Super visual, super sexy, this is the fifth edition of the uber-thick, lipstick-red hardback Carnale where fashion and erotica meet. The journey doesn't end there though, download the app 'Aria' and you can enjoy 'augmented seduction' as the pages of the magazine come to life digitally to boot...

This, the Spirito Santo issue—that's Italian for 'Holy Spirit'—devotes itself to the fusion of diverse religious beliefs and practices’, all while offering itself up as ‘an omen for the future of spirituality.’ So blessed.

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