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Carnale #6

225 x 300mm, 3 newspapers in a hard box
Milan, Italy
Since 2021
Creative directors: Augusto Arduini and Simone Cossettini
Editor-in-chief: Antonio Mancinelli
Creative editor: Santiago Morayta

‘A dirty journal seen through the lens of fashion, photography, art, illustration and writing

Sensual in both its content and packaging, the sixth edition of Carnale, where fashion and erotica meet, shows a new side of itself in a brand new format. Although still lipstick-red, this issue diverges from its previous book form and comes as two broadside newspapers and one newsprint zine all contained in a hard shell box.

The latest ‘craves the illusion of utopia’ and explores the fantasy of a perfect world made up of undying desire, hedonism, a state beyond sin. Inside find an interview with Mia Khalifa, an essay about Federico Fellini, a conversation with artist Karim Boumjimar, and plenty of lustful scenes depicting the potential of an existing utopia.

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