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195 x 265mm, 164 pages
Istanbul, Turkey (English language)
Editor-in-chief: Marie Berger
Creative directors: Stephanie Perez and Maire Berger
Art director: Marie Faass

A loosely bound and eclectic mix of fashion, technology, art and science, this second issue of the highly visual CODE—held together with a white elastic band—explores the liminal spaces between one death and another life.’ Printed on various paper stocks with a shimmery silver spot colour, you'll find crisp photography, experimental fashion and interviews with artists, cultural workers and even a particle physicist, on the interconnectedness of things living or otherwise. 

Inside: Black Quantum Futurisum, Dr. Michael Hoch, Tianzhou Chen, Kévin Bray, Karinne Smith, Aron Sanchez and more.

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