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Contralytic #1

130 x 230mm, 68 pages
Glasgow, UK
First published in 2023
Editor-in-chief and Co-founder: Nic Nahar Sharp
Design and Art Direction and Co-founder: Lucille Mona Ling

Branding itself as an ‘interdisciplinary philosophy journal,’ Contralytic makes its debut from Glasgow and promises to focus each issue on one overarching political theme. It proves its multidisciplinary collaboration by including music, art, poetry, and design among its philosophical writings. 

For issue #1, the theme is: Contradiction. Whether paradox, cognitive dissonance, or the ultimate contradiction of experiencing time, Contralytic covers its theme from many angles. Beginning with poetry, then to visual art, next the charmingly accessible ‘Flash Philosophy’ section, then finishing with interviews. At the very end, Contralytic has been kind enough to include a blank ‘Notes’ section for reader's own breakthroughs and philosophical musings.

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