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Crafts #295, Autumn/Winter 2022

225 x 280mm, 196 pages
London, UK
Editor: Debika Ray
Art direction: Steve Fenn and Tom Pollard (ST)

‘A new era for Crafts

Having been published as a bimonthly for almost 50 years by the Crafts Council—the UK’s national charity for craft—Crafts relaunches itself in a freshly redesigned format, now as a biannual. 

This issue, for Autumn/Winter 2022 sports a sharper uppercase logo on the cover, a contemporary take on a William Morris typeface from 1892. Inside,the maagizne is almost unregnisable: a revised design is backed up by an updated editorial spotlight on makers, artists and designers from the UK and around the world.

On the decision to relaunch on a new publishing cycle, editor Debika Ray writes: ‘Globalisation and the internet have created unprecedented opportunities to cross boundaries and create communities that span continents, but in this age of excess, the need for change is overwhelming. For us, that starts with the issue you’re holding now... By focusing our energy and resources on making fewer, better things—to paraphrase Glenn Adamson's book of that title—we can put more attention into everything we do.’

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