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Creative Review, Spring 2023

247 x 247 mm, 122 pages
London, UK
Editor: Eliza Williams
Art direction: Studio Pensom 

Covering design, advertising and the creative industries since 1980. 

Now published quarterly, CR returns for Spring 2023 with the Future issue, keeping up with the ever-trending NFTs, robots and metaverse of the previous edition, but now merged with 'an obsession with AI, concerns about a rapidly changing social media landscape, and the introduction of live commerce into our shopping habits.' 

But while changes are aplenty, you can rest assured that ChatGPT was not consulted in the writing of this text.  

On the Journal:
'For the past 40 years Creative Review has maintained a constant coverage of creativity in design and advertising. Now bimonthly and themed, the magazine has always kept an active eye on magazine publishing and this latest issue is no exception...' READ MORE

Instagram Live:
Editor Eliza Williams talked to Jeremy Leslie about the magazine’s changing presence over the past 40 years. WATCH NOW

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