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Creative Voyage #5

180 × 260 mm, 78 pages
Croatia (English-language)
Editors: Molly Mandell and James Burke
Editor-in-chief & creative director: Mario Depicolzuane
Graphic designer: Benja Pavlin, Iva Primorac

'Born from a desire to experiment and have a bit of fun', Creative Voyage Paper (to give her her dues) has stuck around a little longer than its initial 'trial issue'. The printed lovechild of a podcast and the website, this pleasingly plush but slim volume is aimed at creative professionals as a companion to the 'fun, beautiful, and rewarding' journey they find themselves on. 

This issue features Simone Bodmer-Turner (who also supplied the cover art), Frédéric Forest, Mirko Borsche (Bureau Borsche), Charlotte Heal, Jonathan Chmelensky, Outer Space Press, David Zilber, Vlad Sepetov, Khushnu Panthaki Hoof, and more.

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