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Crosscurrent #1

210 mm x 270 mm, 266 pages
First published 2022
Editor-in-chief: Clarke Rudick
Art direction and design: Aiden Miller
Cover: Kiki Willems by Letty Schmiterlow

'A manual resource for discovery'

Though it's not immediately obvious from its cover, this first issue of brand new 'fashion, art, architecture and ideas' publication Crosscurrent holds within it a collection of alluring images, interviews and well- and lesser-known individuals.

Meeting German supermodels in their sun-kissed Parisian flats, holding Zoom calls with esteemed American literary figures, discussing architecture, long-term queer relationships, and platforming a number of compelling photographic portfolios, there's plenty to be found in this surprising, self-identified 'manual resource for discover.'

And the name? 'Crosscurrent' noun. 'A conflicting tendency. A current running counter to the general forward direction.'

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