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Dazed: 30 Years Confused: The Covers

By Jefferson Hack 
288 pages, hardback
Rizzoli, New York, US
Published in 2021

An in-depth exploration of 'The Covers That Launched a Movement'. Celebrating 30 years of Dazed’s boundary-pushing storytelling at the forefront of youth culture, this book reveals the past, present, and future of Dazed through its bold cover designs and manifesto-like headlines.

Time-traveling from the ’90s to now, a new generation of image makers sit side by side with archival materials to showcase how Dazed has always interpreted celebrity through its own boundary-pushing lens: from Alexander McQueen and David Bowie’s first official, recorded conversation and the designer’s “Fashion-Able?” cover, to a rare appearance and guest-edit by Chelsea Manning, to rapper Young Thug shot by Harley Weir.

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