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Delayed Gratification #52

195 x 240 mm. 122 pages
London, UK
Editors: Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb
Art director: Christian Tate

‘Last to breaking news’

The original slow journalism magazine, looking back at the news with the benefit of hindsight. 

Covering summer 2023, issue 52 of Delayed Gratification explores ‘The aftermath of the Hawaii wildfires, The kiss that shook Spain, Elton John’s long goodbye, India reaching for the moon, Secret superguns, Who really won the Ashes?, Birmingham going bust, How to live to 150’ and lots more. With added context and perspective, as ever.

On the Journal
At Work With with editor Rob Orchard: ‘The idea of the magazine—and slow journalism in general—is to produce something of substance, something permanent that’s worth treasuring and revisiting, a real antidote to throwaway news. ’

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