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Delayed Gratification #54

195 x 240 mm, 122 pages
London, UK
Editors: Rob Orchard and Marcus Webb
Art director: Christian Tate

‘Last to breaking news’

The original slow journalism magazine, looking back at the news with the (sweet, sweet) benefit of hindsight. A staple on the magCulture shelves.

Covering January, February, and March of 2024 issue #54 of Delayed Gratification looks back at the 'extraordinary impact of Mr Bates vs the Post Office; Marilyn Monroe’s AI return; Inside Haiti’s gang uprising; A-ha and the EVs; How the Houthis shut the Red Sea; Putin’s Russia in infographics; An end to malaria?'

On the Journal
At Work With with editor Rob Orchard: ‘The idea of the magazine—and slow journalism in general—is to produce something of substance, something permanent that’s worth treasuring and revisiting, a real antidote to throwaway news. ’

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