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Design Reviewed #2

165 x 240 mm, 100 pages
London, UK
First published 2022
Biannual (summer and winter)
Editor-in-chief: Oli Stratford 
Founder and publication director: Johanna Agerman Ross
Creative directors: Florian Böhm, Annahita Kamali 

'Ten reviews of contemporary design'

Design Reviewed (or DR for short) is a recently launched companion title from the team behind popular Disegno. Designed to be 'practical and portable' with a look akin to 'field guides, school jotters, and technical manuals as opposed to glossy magazines that tend to dominate the design field', this sweet and small-format publication is a treat for the fingertips.

Neatly put together with a single key colour—a pleasant orange this time, following the green of the first issue—inside you'll find 10 essays by 10 different writers engaging with the topic of design in one way or another, fitting the following categories: Object, System, Media, Policy, Interface, Ecology, Space, Phenomena, Technology and Body. A welcome and aesthetically-pleasing addition to the Disegno family.

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