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Direction of Travel #2

350 mm x 500 mm (250 mm x 350 mm folded, broadsheet)
London, UK
First published 2021
Editor/art Director: Christian Nolle

Direction of Travel is devoted to vintage aviation maps, and is published by digital infographics designer Christian Nolle. 

The maps tell the illustrated story of the many ascents and descents of an airline, they are the lasting physical manifestation of its route network at a specific moment in time. 

This second collection is devoted to three European airlines that have not survived: British European Airways (BEA) served Europe and beyond and was the sister airline of B.O.A.C. The two merged in 1974 and became what we know today as British Airways.

Interflug served former East Germany from its base at Schönefeld airport until the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Sabena served Belgium as its defacto national carrier until its bankruptcy in 2001.

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