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Disco Pogo #4

200 x 270mm, 202 pages
London, UK
Published since 2022
Editors-in-chief: Paul Benney and John Burgess
Art direction: Chris Jones

The perfectly-named electronic music mag Disco Pogo, created by the founders of nineties mag Jockey Slut, returns with its fourth issue. Thanks to a successful (28 day!) crowdfunding campaign, the mag was able to launch last year. 

‘We never had any intention of re-launching Jockey Slut'’ say founders Paul Benney and John Burgess, ‘and then events of recent years made us rethink. But the world has changed and so we decided that a new magazine with a new name was best.' 

Now a much anticipated title at the shop, the mag lives up to the hype; it’s packed to the brim with in-depth articles covering the old and the new. On the covers of this issue, choose between The (monochromatic) Chemical Brothers or a leafy-green Romy, a regular on the magCulture airwaves these days...

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