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Document #19

230 x 305 mm
New York, US
Editor-in-chief & creative director: Nick Vogelson
Editorial director: Hannah Ongley 
Creative and fashion director: Sarah Richardson

This is the Winter 2021/Resort 2022 issue themed Creativity:

'For Document’s 19th issue, we consider the possibilities and complexities of radical creativity in an age of rapid technological progress. Is creativity something you’re born with, or can it be synthetically produced? What is the place of romanticism and human emotion in an age governed by reason? Who are the gatekeepers of creativity’s next frontier?'

With Margaret Qualley, Kristen Stewart, Miles Greenberg, Charli XCX, Mario Sorrenti, Bianca Saunders, Holly Herndon, David Cronenberg, Oneohtrix Point Never, Holly Herndon, Craig McDean, Miranda July, Marina Abramović, Gus Van Sant, Sharna Osborne, Eric N. Mack, and more.

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