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Eaten #16

194 x 241 mm, 130 pages
Washington DC, US & Cambridge, UK
First published 2017
Editor-in-chief and design director: Emelyn Rude

This issue: Spicy!

Take a trip down the annals of gastronomic history with Eaten. Discover old recipes and explore centuries of cooking, eating and the people involved in a series of essays and interviews and art.

Issue #16, the first of 2023, is all about spice. As editor Emelyn Rude writes in her opening letter this edition, 'The stories behind our spiciest foods can be described as bittersweet at best. The spice trade caused the suffering of a whole swath of peoples in one part of the world while directing funding the salvation of others...'

Inside, Emelyn and the team explore the complexity of the spice trade's tumultuous history while simultaneously celebrating everything that makes it 'compelling and delicious'.

On the Journal:
At work with Emelyn Rude, ‘Eaten and my academic research do somewhat feed off each other in that ideas I’ll encounter while reading for one will inform the other but I try to keep the two as separate as I can. I love food history as a whole but I also like experiencing it in as many different ways as I can.’ READ MORE

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