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Ecoes #4

165 x 235 mm, 158 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Editor-in-chief: Mirna Belina
Design: Rafaela Dražić

'An independent magazine about art in the age of pollution'

This is the fourth issue of the art-in-climate-crisis magazine from Dutch interdisciplinary arts organisation Sonic Arts and it's one that 'offers a powerful immersion into art during times of pain, toxicity, illness and crude capitalism.' Well designed with a variety of paper stocks and thoughtfully curated with intricate and in-depth editorial running alongside highly visual pieces, Ecoes is very much an art magazine of our time.

In their own words: 'With a "feature well on oil" that dives deep into the ‘petro-capitalist noxiousness’ of our time, Ecoes tells the complex personal stories of artists and researchers, inspiring and transforming different perspectives of reality.'

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