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Fare #10, Kyoto

170 x 240 mm, 200 pages
Glasgow, UK
Editor: Ben Mervis
Creative director: Ric Bell
Managing editor: Kenzie Yoshimura
Art direction and design: POST

This Glasgow-born biannual visits a different city every issue, exploring the local culture through food, history, and community. This time around it's the ever-fabled city of Kyoto:

'Kyoto is Japan’s ancient capital and one of its spiritual centres: a city where food and faith intertwine with nature, and locals find their voices amplified by millennia of tradition.'

On the Journal:
(Covering Fare #1) ‘We know we are in for a modern interpretation of a food magazine when the cover shows a man walking over a bridge, smoking a fag with a tray of bread balanced on his head...’ READ MORE

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